Meet Joseph Pilates

At age 57


"If at the age of 30 you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If, at 60, you are supple and strong, then you are young"

"Starfish" on the Reformer


"In 10 Sessions you will FEEL a difference, 

In 20 sessions you will SEE a difference,

and in 30 you will have a


At age 82


"Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty not only to attain it but to  maintain it"


What is the Pilates (Pi-LAH-teez) Method?

A series of 500 exercises created to bring the mind and body together into flowing movements to provide a low-stress, most effective physical and mental conditioning program. Developed by Joseph Pilates over 70 years ago and also known as "Contrology", the Method "develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates mind, and elevates the spirit." 

Who is Joseph Pilates?

Joseph Pilates was a German boxer, nurse, and fitness trainer who developed his exercises in the 1920's when he was rehabilitating injured soldiers using mat exercises and experimenting with bed springs (which later became his exercise machines). In 1926, Joseph migrated to NYC and opened his American studio, originally working with dancers.  He ran his studio with his wife, Clara until he died in 1967.

What is Contrology?

"Contrology is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.   Through Contrology you first purposefully acquire complete control of your own body and then through proper repetition of its exercises you gradually and progressively acquire that natural rhythm and coordination associated with all your subconscious activities."

-"Return to Life Through Contrology" Joseph H. Pilates and W.J. Miller

6 Principles of Contrology



Joseph Pilates referred to the core as two "Powerhouses". The primary powerhouse includes the transverses abdominus, the diaphragm, the abdominal obliques, the hip stabilizers, and the pelvic floor; The secondary powerhouse refers to scapular stabilizers, and the rib cage.


Control refers to muscle control.  No sloppy, haphazard movements. Controlled movement re-trains the body to move naturally, and decreases your risk for injury. 


The mind controls the body.   In order to control your body, you must be present and focused on how your body is moving.  


Our bodies are meant to be fluid in their movements. There are no static, isolated movements in the Pilates Method. Learning the "flow" of movements is a more intermediate principle.  The challenge is to create dynamic movement and transition from one exercise to another with ease and fluidity. 


In the Pilates Method, the breath was integrated into Joseph's exercises to cleanse the bloodstream through oxygenation.   Breathing full inhalations and exhalations helps replenish your body, expelling stale air, and assisting with controlled movements.  The inhalation assists with extension, and the exhalation assists with flexion.  Just breathe!   This is often one of the most challenging concepts for a beginner, but hang in there, it will be extremely helpful, beneficial, and transformational once you learn to breathe!


The exercises were designed with a purpose in mind. Every cue: verbal, tactile, and visual will assist you in your success with each movement.  Precision is an advanced principle, and will be achieved when the other principles have been practiced and integrated into the exercises.  Sounds complicated?  It's not. This is movement.  Movement heals, and our bodies will thank us in the long run! 

The Benefits

Pain Relief

As a physical therapist, I have gravitated towards this Method as a means of treating my chronic pain patients, and clients with pain from poor posture and overuse injuries. The results amaze me every day with every single body I work with.   -Karly, Owner

Balance/Improve Posture

Poor posture leads to muscle imbalances, which leads to joints out of alignment, contributing to decreased balance.  Fix your muscle imbalance, realign the joints, and your balance will improve. 


"Lengthen while you strengthen" is often used to describe Pilates exercises. To maintain your flexibility, you must build core strength while you are stretching. 

Restore Spinal Mobility

Watching an aging spine move again is truly a gift we, as instructors, receive from you and your openness to letting your bodies move again. 

 Learn to "Articulate your spine bone by bone", 

"Lengthen as your reach",

"Lengthen as you bend"  

Restoring spinal mobility is a unique benefit that Pilates gives you more than any other exercise trend I can think of. 


It is the Mind that controls the Body. Learning how to connect the two is the challenge, but once you learn how to do that and breathe, you will find you are much more coordinated in your movements throughout your day. 


Core strength. Core strength. Core strength. Everyone wants it. Every exercise program promises to give it to you.   But what exactly is core strength? And how do you actually access those deep stabilizers of the body?  The Pilates Method will show you.