Our Studio



Free Movement Pilates is fully equipped with Balanced Body Pilates Apparatus, including 1 Cadillac/Reformer Combination Unit, 4 Tower Wall Units, 2 Studio Reformers, and an additional Reformer/Tower Combination Unit. We also have The Barrel, Arc Barrels, 2 Wunda Chairs, and multiple props to further assist and challenge the Pilates Mat and Equipment work.   We offer complimentary water, coffee, and almonds for a health snack pre or post session! 



Cadillac on the far left.  Reformers to the right. 



Also known as Wall Units. Pilates props: Magic Circle and Pilates Arc also shown in picture. 

The Equipment



The Reformer was invented by Joseph Pilates to assist clients with performing his mat work more efficiently.   The Reformer's headrest, shoulder blocks, foot bar and arm and leg loops provide the client with tactile feedback during exercises and the springs provide resistance to challenge the body, or assistance with a movement depending on how the springs are used. 



The Tower Unit consists of arm springs, leg springs, a wooden breathing/roll back bar to challenge stability and assist w/ spinal articulation; and a Silver Push through bar to assist w/ shoulder stability and stretching.  The tower exercises were originally intended to be instructed following a client's routine on the Reformer and Mat to further address that client's individualized dysfunction or weakness in the body. 



The Cadillac is essentially a Tower Unit with an additional trapeze bar which can be used to challenge an advanced client.  Many of the exercises on the Cadillac are exercises performed at the end of a workout to stretch or decompression the spine. 

More Equipment


The Barrels

The Ladder Barrel consists of ladder like wooden rungs and a rounded barrel-like surface to perform stretching, strengthening, and flexibility exercises on.  A sliding base is adjusted to accommodate different torso sizes and leg lengths as needed for each exercise. The Arc Barrel, a prop used in Tower classes, is used to assist with hip and chest opening exercises. 


Wunda Chair

This apparatus was invented by Joseph to allow clients to perform his Reformer routine in their small NYC apartments. Flip it over and it would add additional seating. A challenging piece of equipment, this is typically used in private and semi-private/duet sessions with the more advanced client or a client that may need be challenged in a weight bearing position to improve balance.   Exercises can be performed sitting, standing, or on top or around the chair. 


The Mat and Props

The Pilates "Matwork" is often considered a more challenging way to experience Pilates. This is debatable, however, because the spring-loaded machines assist clients with proper technique therefore challenging their bodies through the exercises a bit more. We have free weights, Pilates Magic Circles, foam rollers, ankle weights, arc barrels, and thermals which can be used in class to challenge and/or modify exercises based on the individual client's needs in class.