Our Instructors: Pilates

Karly Decker, PT, MSPT, PMA-Certified Pilates Instructor, Owner


Karly is a licensed Physical Therapist and has been teaching Pilates since 2005. Karly graduated from Nazareth College with her Masters in Physical Therapy in 2003, and began work at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation in NYC from 2003-2006. She then pursued an opportunity in Bethesda, MD, where she was able to practice Pilates-based rehabilitation in a private outpatient orthopedic setting. Karly completed her mat and apparatus certification from the Professional Health and Fitness Institute in 2005, and pursued an additional Comprehensive Certification through Power Pilates in 2012, 2014 and 2015. Karly is certified through the Pilates Method of Alliance (PMA) and maintains an active PMA membership.

In 2019, Karly pursued a Tai Chi Instructor certification through the Tai Chi for Health Institute and is certified to teach Dr. Lam's Tai Chi for Health and Wellness and Tai Chi for Rehab programs.  

Karly has had extensive training in manual physical therapy (including myofascial release, strain counterstrain, myokinetic alignment restoration, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and postural restoration with emphasis on breathing) and has found that incorporating Pilates-based exercises with manual therapy and postural alignment retraining has been the key to treating clients with chronic pain, overuse injuries, and pain from postural imbalance.

Karly, a Bethlehem Central graduate, relocated back to Delmar to be closer to family and friends. An active part of the triathlete community, Karly hopes to encourage people in Delmar with chronic pain or fear of exercise/Pilates to come out of the woodwork, and allow themselves to benefit from transforming their bodies with Pilates.

Liesl Burnham, PT, BSPT Certified Pilates Instructor


Liesl is a licensed physical therapist with over 16 years of experience, primarily working with repetitive use injuries, rehabilitation, and sports medicine. Liesl originally received her Pilates training through Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) and continued with Classical training through Power Pilates. Liesl's continuing education focus has been on lumbosacral dysfunction and stabilization. Her primary interest is teaching how to maximize individual function so you can enjoy life! Liesl works as a Physical Therapist at the Eddy Home Visiting Nurse Association and also offers private manual therapy at the studio.  In addition, she teaches Pilates Mat, Tower and  private Reformer classes.  In 2019, Liesl pursued a Tai Chi Instructor certification through the Tai Chi for Health Institute and is certified to teach Dr. Lam's Tai Chi for Health and Wellness and Tai Chi for Rehab programs.  

Talia Kuperberg Certified Pilates Instructor


Talia entered the apprentice program at Romana's Pilates in New York City at the age of 18. Romana Kryzanowska was Joseph Pilates' protege. After Talia took classes at the original Pilates studio in NYC and met Romana, Sar Mejia Santo (Romana's daughter), and Daria Pace (Romana's granddaughter), Talia believed in The Method because she experienced first-hand how it changed her body and life. Talia's been teaching since she was 19, and she received her certification in 2007. She has continued with Pilates and believes in the ability of the Pilates Method to change the body, mind and life. Talia enjoys watching the bodies and minds of her clients transform from session to session. Since 2007 she has taught in various studios in NYC, including the Romana's Pilates training center, after graduating from the program there. Talia has taught in Madrid, Spain, Saratoga Springs, Albany and now Delmar. Talia teaches Privates, Duets (Semi-Privates), and group Reformer, Tower and Mat classes at the studio.

Tammy Thomas, Healing Touch Practitioner,Certified Pilates Instructor


Tammy was introduced to Pilates while assisting her colleague (Kathryn Crago) with her Restorative Yoga workshops at the studio.  She met Kathryn through , Healing Touch Certification Program,  Through her experience as a Healing Touch Practitioner, assisting yoga instructors with aligning students' bodies during Restorative Yoga, Tammy developed an interest in Pilates and reached out to Free Movement Pilates to begin training on the Reformer with her husband.  Through her experience as a Pilates student, Tammy was able to rid herself of chronic neck and shoulder pain/tension she developed from working at her desk job. In addition to her own progress, she saw her husband's body and posture completely change and lengthen. 

Karly encouraged Tammy to get certified after witnessing Tammy's enthusiasm for this practice, positive energy and spirit, her strong body awareness and mind-body connection.

Tammy has received her Pilates Mat Certification through Power Pilates in NYC, and her Reformer 1 & 2 training through Balanced Body. In February 2018, Tammy will begin her complete Comprehensive Certification through Power Pilates. 

Tammy currently offers Healing Touch Energy Therapy sessions at the studio, in addition to Mat and Reformer privates and group classes. Tower to come!

Cathy King, Certified Pilates Instructor


Cathy is an experienced comprehensive Power Pilates Instructor who assisted Karly when she was going through her own training at Power Pilates and also joined her in Duets under their Master Instructor, Sarah Shea.

Cathy has a degree in Public Relations from Southwest Missouri State, and moved to New York in 1989 to be a Director of Sales at the Residence Inn by Marriott in Latham. She gave up her career, willingly, to be a stay-at-home mother. As her kids entered school, Cathy needed something for "her", so she pursued a second career in fitness. Cathy became a certified Star Level III Spinning Instructor, and also received a certification in aerobics. Cathy teaches Simply Strength to active older adults, cardio intervals, and body sculpting. Cathy gravitated towards Mat Pilates when she realized the emphasis it placed on form, technique, precision, and overall enjoyed the challenge of the workout. Cathy loved how Pilates made her feel strong but NOT sore. Her passion for Pilates drove her to pursue her Comprehensive Certification through Power Pilates in 2012. Cathy teaches Mat classes, Privates and Duets in the fully equipped Pilates Studio at the YMCA in Clifton Park, as well as here in the studio.

Christine Pupke Edwards, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Pilates Instructor


Christine has been teaching Pilates Mat classes at Free Movement since 2015.  She started her Pilates training in 2003 as a student locally studying under: Monica, Jana, Nicola, Karly, Sharon, Clare, Sara and many others.  While she enjoys Pilates apparatus classes and yoga classes, her favorite class has always been the simple, yet effective Pilates Mat class.  

After giving birth to her 3 children, Christine was introduced to the world of Bodywork.  She studied at the Center for Natural Wellness, becoming a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist in 2012.  Practicing massage in both Rensselaer and Albany Counties,   Christine also spends time visiting patients weekly as a community hospice complementary therapist volunteer.  

"Pilates gave me my abs back after pregnancy, increased my flexibility and kept my sciatica at bay.  For these reasons, and many more, Christine loves to channel her energy towards sharing the Pilates Method with others.  

Our Instructors: Yoga

Samantha Jo Wanglund


Samantha Jo is a bridge builder - serving others in paving the way back to the wisdom of their own hearts.  Steeped in Native traditions and Eastern philosophy and practice, her offerings draw from an expanse of ancient wisdom. Samantha has been an avid student of Yoga for over a decade. She began teaching in 2012. In 2013, she co-founded Amara Muse - a women’s healing and empowerment project through which she and her partner facilitate retreats, workshops and trainings. Samantha is also a reiki healer and Lifestyle Mentor. 

As we re-connect with our innate wisdom and become empowered to express it, all of humanity is uplifted. This is the heart of Samantha’s mission. 

Devotion in Motion is a sacred journey to stoke the heart fire through discussion of the ancient spiritual essence of Bhakti Yoga (devotion), mantra, conscious breath, heart opening postures and poetic movement. This class is accessible to most bodies but may not be appropriate for those with limited mobility. Expect juicy morsels of inspiration, chanting and a deep guided relaxation to bask in once the body is sufficiently prepared. Classes run about 75 mins.

Lauren Strait


Lauren Strait is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, certified holistic health coach, and co-founder of Amara Muse (www.amaramuse.com), a women's healing and upliftment business. She's been teaching and studying the practices of Yoga for nearly a decade and is passionate about creating a space for students to inquire deeply, show up fully, heighten their self-awareness, and ultimately heal the places within themselves that need to be tended to. Lauren infuses her classes with life experiences, intelligent sequencing with breath correspondence, humor, and inspiration. It's her goal, within the space of each class, to cultivate a safe, trusting atmosphere where students can dive deeply into themselves, explore their inner and outer landscapes, and use their practice as a way to transform their lives. Lauren is committed to facilitating an experience that asks students to be present, available for what arises and willing to refine their awareness so they can live a life of health, purpose, happiness, and fullfillment.

Melissa Hurt


Melissa Hurt, RYT, PhD. Melissa earned her 500-hr teaching certification from Sun and Moon Yoga Studio in the Washington, DC metro area in Sept 2018. She has devoted her research and teaching projects for her 200-hr and 300-hr certifications to prenatal and postnatal yoga. Melissa has her Level 1 certification of completion in Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery with Dr. Daniel Libby of the Veteran’s Yoga Project. Melissa has been a certified trainer of Lessac Kinesensics, an embodied voice, speech, and movement modality, since 2010. Melissa has experience teaching many levels of yoga, including gentle, levels 1-3 of Hatha Yoga, vinyasa, kid's yoga, family yoga, and prenatal/postnatal.  Melissa teaches from a place of curiosity, devotion, and wonder of what the body/mind/spirit are capable of once integrated and engaged in the moment. She continually weaves her understandings of anatomy, physiology, the subtle body, and yogic philosophy in every class she teaches. She encourages her students to approach their sacred inner space with a sense of humor, reverence, and ease. Students can expect that she will care for their experiences and find ways to deepen their understanding of sensation so they can find a connection to themselves. Read more about Melissa and her embodiment coaching offerings at www.melissahurt.com.

Mike Andryszewski


Mike began his yoga journey in 2014 after a lifetime of searching for a higher taste in spiritual life. With a strong desire to use his knowledge of 12 step programs in combination with yogic philosophy to better serve the community, he completed his 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Sadhana in Hudson, New York with master teachers Raghunath and Sondra Loring.

After teaching Yoga for a year, Mike left his flourishing material life behind and moved to upstate NY, to an ashram founded by his teacher Raghunath - Supersoul Farm, as a student monk.  Since then he has spent extensive time studying Bhakti Yoga in various ashrams both in the US and India. He finished his 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher training in India in 2016 and has been teaching Bhakti Yoga ever since.

Mike's classes combine ancient philosophical material, singing and chanting and fun asanas and transitions. He has a strong focus on breathing and alignment but most importantly he brings inspiration, based on personal experience, with a light hearted nature for a deeply rooted and uplifting experience. His ultimate goal in teaching is to remind us of what we really are and how it relates with everything around us.


For More Information on how to contact a specific instructor, call Karly at the studio number: 518-275-2644. 

Sharon O' Meara


Sharon has an undergraduate degree in Therapeutic Recreation, she also has years of participation in sports, ballet, jass, and Argentine Tango, as well as a foundation instructing gymnastics and swimming. Sharon has a strong background in body movement and fitness, and became immersed in Yoga and Pilates. In recent years, she has acquired a 40 hour training certificate in Ashtanga yoga and over 100 hours of Anusaara style yoga training. Since 2004, she became a certified Power Pilates Instructor. Sharon has enjoyed a 28 year career in publishing to pursue her true passion of bodywork (Massage Therapy) and teaching Pilates.