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Sunday, April 28th 12:30pm-3:30pm The Incredible Lightness of Breathing


We human beings are biologically designed to be relaxed unless we need to confront a danger.  So why are we so stressed out and tired?   One reason is we no longer breath fully and without effort.   All day we hold our breath and breath shallowly.  Re-claiming your natural, uncomplicated breath alleviates pain, brings relaxation and energy to your body while improving sleep and digestion.  It calms the nervous system and lightens up mood.  

This workshop will assist you with:

*Letting go of neck, upper back and shoulder pain and tension with simple breathing awareness

*Comfort agitation and anxiety.

*Relieve lower back pain by properly using your diaphragm. 

*Support health cardiac function.

*Keep your core strong just by normalizing your natural breath. 

*Bring ease and residence to difficult and turbulent situations. 

Saturday, May 11th 2:00pm-5:00pm Fascia Fun


Imagine a class that is slow and yummy, unwinding and filled with satisfying pulling, reaching, gliding, and sliding.  this is how we will explore the liquid matrix that wraps around and interconnects all of our bone, muscles, and organs.   Fascia is filled with nerve sensors, sensors for moving in space, temperature regulators; and ignoring it or over riding its signals increase chance for injury and also inhibits recovery.  Engaging it gives luscious support and effortless fluidity to our bodies.  Possibly, the fascia also assists immune function.  Through playing with the natural spiral movements of your connective tissue you can make it healthier and build resilience that lets you: 

*Move with more freedom.

*Have more mobile joints. 

*Exercise safely and gain greater benefits.

*Relax chronic tension.

*Create balanced and healthy muscle tone. 

Monday Nights Yoga Series


Current Series is Running 4/8-5/13.


Next 8 Week session BEGINS June 3rd.

Samantha Jo is a bridge builder, serving others in paving the way back to the wisdom of their own hearts. Each class is designed to be a sacred journey to stoke the heart fire through the ancient spiritual teachings of Bhakti Yoga, mantra meditation, conscious breath, and poetic movement. Expect juicy morsels of inspiration, singing, intelligently designed asana sequencing, and a deep relaxation to bask in once the body is sufficiently prepared.

Sunday Nights Yin Yoga Series


Current Series March 31st- May 11th

4:00pm - 5:30pm

Next Series Begins June 2nd.

Mike is a wisdom seeker, dedicated to serving all that he's learned through the practices of Yoga.  Steeped in his experience of living in ashrams and studying in India and with renowned teachers in the US, what Mike has to offer will inspire your practice both on and off the mat.   Yin yoga uses passive, long held poses to access the connective tissue, fascia and core muscle groups.  The space for a deeply meditative experience that supports stillness and depth will be provided.  Class will be accompanied by gentle melodious music and mantra meditation. 

Tai Chi For Health and Wellness


Join our Tai Chi Community!

Friday Afternoons - 2pm

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice , originating from martial arts, and has become a popular and gentle form of exercise with a huge range of health benefits including meditation & stress relief. Tai Chi may also help improve balance, decrease fall risk, enhance sleep quality and immune system function, help reduce blood pressure, and improve overall core strength and endurance. Join us for this Introduction to Tai Chi series and let us explore together the many benefits of this unique exercise and art form. Originally developed for self-defense, Tai Chi is now a gentle form of exercise to combat stress and manage a variety of other health conditions.

You can expect to learn 2 warm up exercises for neck, shoulders, spine, hip, knee, ankles; an 8 Form movement series, and 3 cool down exercises. 

Pilates Privates/Duets Four Week Series


Ongoing Series.

Instructors will work around their schedule and yours to find the most convenient time to get started in a Pilates program.

Our 4 Week Introductory Series is offered to the Private client or grab a friend or loved one and start this journey together. 

55 Minute sessions individualized to your needs.  Sessions will focus on teaching you proper form, alignment, breath, and the fundamentals of Pilates. You will be introduced to both the Reformer and Tower and sometimes Instructors will also use other pieces of apparatus to individualize your program. 

More Workshops

Sit, Stand, Walk: Painfree Achieving Core Initiation Prior to Movement


Workshop in Development`

Early Bird Pilates Mat


Ongoing Series

Wednesday Mornings 6am

Special Pricing for this Class Only

10 Pack - $96

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Restorative Yoga


The restorative practice uses the support of bolsters and blankets to create variations of savasana. This profound practice will include long posture holds, gentle hands-on touch, meditation, and mantra in order to create a deep sense of calm for the body and mind.

Yin & Meditation


The practice of Yin Yoga is designed as a pathway into your connective tissue. Much of our life experience - trauma, loss, heartbreak, etc. - are stored in our bodies - particularly in our connective tissue resulting in tightness, restriction, fascial buildup, etc. Yin is so powerful because it offers us a safe space, by holding supported postures close to the ground floor time, to release physical limitation and open the door to emotional freedom.

Shoulder Workshop "Take a Load off your Shoulders"


This workshop teaches mindful movement of the neck, upper back, chest, and shoulders. Participants will experience these areas as an integrated system and learn how to alleviate neck and shoulder tension through an intelligent movement practice. Integrate mind, body, and breath through easy awareness, mindful movement, and a gentle yoga practice.